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Click on the COUPONS link, print the one(s) you want to use and come to Dei-Zinz’ at

7848 East Redfield Road, Suite #4, Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: 480-368-2254

Dei-Zinz’ Clients Say the Nicest Things

Customers Appreciate Dei-Zinz’ Silk Trees and Service

I know I’ve posted this photo before but I just came across the email from our client for whom it was made.  This 9 – 10 foot silk locust tree is made on manzanita wood and “planted” in a custom-painted decorative pot.  It stands at her entry; here’s what she had to say:Dear Brenda:

Thank you so much for my beautiful tree I abosolutely love it.  I never dreamed I would have something like this in my home!  Thank you again.

God Bless!


PS:  I will be giving your name&number; whenever I can.

We take pride in knowing that our customers are that pleased with our work and with our service.  Hope you will visit soon; we’d love to please you, too.

Dei-Zinz’ Red Tag Sale Now Thru September 11

Come in now to get great savings on selected Red Tagged items throughout Scottsdale’s premier silk floral shop, Dei-Zinz’, at 7848 East Redfield Road in the Scottsdale Airpark.   Tremendous savings on silk florals, silk trees, silk flower stems, vases, urns, decorative accessories, ledge greenery, floor plants, pottery, greenery bushes and original art. 

Red Tag Savings at Dei-Zinz'

Dei-Zinz’ Ribbon Cutting at First Anniversary in New Location at 7848 E. Redfield Road


Dei-Zinz’ has been in the silk flower and artifical plant and tree business in the metro Phoenix area since 1994.  So, you might ask why we just had our ribbon cutting now.  Two recent events, we think, made this a great time.  First, July was the first anniversary of our move to 7848 East Redfield, Scottsdale’s new home for fine, custom-made silk and artificial trees, plants and flower arrangements along with a wonderful line of wall decor and home accessories.  Second, we recently became a member of the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, an organization with which we’re proud to be affiliated.

The ribbon cutting, itself, was wonderful and a milestone for Dei-Zinz’.  We thank all who attended, and hope that everyone enjoys these photos of the event and that you will come by to visit.  Besides taking pride in our product, we also pride ourselves on friendliness and customer service.  I promise you will enjoy the experience.

Dei-Zinz’ Ribbon Cutting in July 2010
7848 East Redfield, Suite #4
Scottsdale, Arizona

Attended by Our Friends from the
North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce

Dei-Zinz’ Core Team and maybe Scottsdale’s friendliest business team.  We take pride in our service and want to make sure your visit is a pleasant one.

A collection of fall decorations at Dei-Zinz’.  Are you ready for Halloween?  These black ceramic cats are.

A sample of what you will find at Dei-Zinz’ includes original paintings, sillk plants and ferns, pottery, urns, pedestals, wreaths, artificial topiaries, silk flower arrangements, wall sconces and …………… what else can you find in the photo?

And, watching over it all is this pheasant perched in dried birch branches overhanging the showroom floor.  Oh, she had a good time, too.

DEI-ZINZ Co-Sponsored FundRaiser for ICM August 27

First, let me say a heart-felt  “Thank You So Much” to all who came by last month to support our fund-raiser for the family of Officer Travis Murphy.  With your help we raised $1600.  I know his family is most appreciative.

This month’s event will benefit ICM, an interfaith organization helping the working poor by providing “an immediate response to basic human needs“.  Please come by 7848 East Redfield in the Scottsdale Airpark on August 27 between 11:00 a.m and 1:30 p.m. to lend your support.  The folks you will be helping are in dire need of clothing, shoes, food, toiletries and other basic items.  We will have receptacles available to receive your donations of those items and, as always, you may make a cash donation of your choosing and enjoy a lunch of hotdogs, bratwurst or hamburgers.

Have your lunch in the air-conditioned comfort of the sponsoring merchants and let them know they, too, are appreciated.

For more information, see the event flier on our website.

Thanking you in advance and with Warmest Regards,


Christmas at Dei-Zinz and on Their eBay Store

Designer Silk Trees and Home Decor on eBay has introduced their first Christmas items – a shining gold and red contemporary Christmas arrangement and Traditional red hydrangea with plaid bow Christmas swag.  Please Visit My eBay Store or Dei-Zinz website or shop to see these and our other seasonal and regular items.

Have a Golden Christmas.

This shining gold and red Christmas arrangement will brighten any room.  Made in a 6-3/4″ red square ceramic container, we used 3 large philodendron leaves with gold birch sticks and red glittered leaf sprays.  This arrangement is a bright and shiny, contemporary style.  It will catch everyone’s eye on a coffee table, entry table or kitchen bar or counter.






Celebrate a Traditional Christmas

This swag is all “Traditional Christmas”.  We started with a 27-inch wide Pine-Fir-Spruce and Vine swag, then added beautiful red hydrangeas, red glossed berry clusters, coated pine cones and a traditional plaid ribbon and hand-made bow.  The result is a lovely, cheerful arrangement that is perfect for those narrow wall areas or over narrow windows.  I know it will bring the true spirit of the season to Your Christmas Home.

And, if you’re in the Scottsdale area come by our Dei-Zinz’ Silk Floral shop at 7848 East Redfield.  Visit our website for more information.

Dei-Zinz Lists a New Bonsai on Their eBay Store

Designer Silk Trees and Home Decor (Visit My eBay Store) has added a NEW very nice mini-leaf FICUS BONSAI to their eBay store.  The tree offers a lot of nice detail with a spreading base of air roots potted in a shallow round dish.  The poly-resin construction used for the trunk make this small decorative tree very durable and suitable for use outdoors in moderate environments – just protect from rain and extreme heat and sun.  The plant has a lot of character and a realistic appeal.   Appreciation of bonsai is widely universal so this specimen is sure to find use anywhere the space allows.  It’s sure to bring a lot of enjoyment to you and admiration from your friends.  The trunks are pre-shaped so the plant ships ready to remove from the box and place in the location you choose with little, if any, shaping required.

Dei-Zinz Silk Floral Co-Sponsors Charity Event for Sunrise Acres Children’s Home

This Friday, May 28 the weather will be perfect for supporting Sunrise Acres Children’s Home by stopping by 7848 East Redfield in the Scottsdale Airpark between 11:00 and 1:30 to enjoy a lunch of brats or hotdogs and chips, drinks & cookies for the price of your donation. These monthly events are co-sponsored by Dei-Zinz and the other merchants at 7848 East Redfield. You can find details of the event by visiting the Dei-Zinz website.   And if you need directions you can find them at our site on Google Maps.

You know Dei-Zinz as Scottsdale’s premier supplier of custom silk trees and artificial plants and floral arrangements and, as always, after lunch we welcome you to visit our showroom to shop our full line of home decor.   As the weather heats up in the valley, it’s a wonderful time to turn your attention to those indoor decorating projects you want to get done.   And, Dei-Zinz is the ideal place to help, offering silk and artificial plants and trees, cactus and succulents, ferns, bromeliads and a host of artificial flowers along with pottery, art, wall hangings and an abundance of home decorating accessories.

So, come by, have lunch, support a worthy cause and see what Dei-Zinz can do for your home.

Artificial Boxwood Bonsai and Tea Leaf Bonsai at Dei-Zinz in Scottsdale and Now on eBay

Let me introduce you to a couple of plants that I haven’t mentioned before but that you can find locally at Dei-Zinz, our local artificial floral shop, or on the web at  Designer Silk Trees and Home Decor.

These artificial Bonsai plants have gotten a lot of attention on eBay and it is no wonder.  Each is built on a resin trunk allowing them to be shaped as though they had been wired, trimmed and trained by a master bonsai artist.  The trunk of the boxwood bonsai  takes on a distinctive, windswept appearance with an extremely natural, aged look.  Delicate small, rounded boxwood leaves perfectly complement the old aged look of the trunk.  The curved rectangular dish in which it is potted appears to be a flowing continuation of the natural curve of the trunk as the two blend in a  harmonious presentation of Earth and flora.  All this character in an Oriental style decorative container make this artificial boxwood bonsai perfect for almost any decor, from Oriental to Contemporary to Traditional.  It will have your friends wondering when you became a Bonsai Master.

The smaller Tea Leaf Bonsai is potted in a contemporary, tapered round bowl which, to me, has a bit more formal appeal.  The unique character of the resin trunk reminds me of trees that have been bent by the wind or by animals or, perhaps, by travelers marking their way.  The leaves are tiny, but even on this small 16-inch plant there are 236 of them making the foliage quite full.  Use this beauty to bring life and peace to your smaller places.

Either of these lovely little bonsais would make a perfect accent for tables, desks, armoires, entertainment centers or almost any other location.  Just, remember because they are such exquisite replicas of real bonsai trees, you’ll have to remind yourself they are artificial plants.  You can, as always, find these and all our other artificial plant and home decor items locally at our shop in Scottsdale, Arizona.  And, now you can also find and purchase them on the web at Designer Silk Trees and Home Decor, providing you a trouble-free way to send gifts to all your out of state friends and family.  We accept orders from and ship items to anywhere in the United States and Canada.

The Perfect Fit – Custom Silk Locust Tree by Dei-Zinz


Photo of Silk Locust Tree Custom Built by Dei-Zinz to Perfect Fit

Custom Silk Artificial Locust Tree by Dei-Zinz

Dei-Zinz of Scottsdale is proud of their reputation for creating and crafting custom artificial trees and plants to very exacting requirements.  Customers are often amazed at the perfect fits we achieve to some very challenging situations; situations in which our silk plants can add an elegant touch of green to any room in your home.  Especially in areas where lighting is less than ideal these custom-fit artificial trees are a wonderful substitute for actual live plants.  The unique silk artificial locust tree shown here is a perfect example of how Dei-Zinz can customize silk trees to fit a location.  The area between the stairs and the doorway is only about 20 inches.  The branches and heads in that area are designed to fit tightly in the limited space.  As the tree reaches just the right height the leaves spread to  arch toward and over the doorway.  The end result is a tree that looks as though it was sculpted to that very location.  You might also notice how the color of the Tuscan-style pot complements the colors of the room.  We custom paint pottery (and statues), too, to match any color scheme in any decor.  Contact Dei-Zinz in the Scottsdale Airpark to have your perfect silk tree and accompanying pottery created today.

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