Christmas Reindeer Waiting for Santa at Dei-Zinz

This 30″ Glittered Vine Reindeer Joins You in Awaiting Santa’s Arrival

I thought I had finished today but I couldn’t help showing you this lovely little guy.

 He is

  • A Christmas Reindeer 
  • Made of Glittered Natural, Untreated Vine
  • Standing 30 Inches to the Top of the Antlers
  • And Measuring 22 inches Long and 6 Inches wide
  • Patiently Waiting for Santa to Come

This little fellow will be right at home next to the Christmas tree or fireplace (but not too close).  He is made of natural, untreated woven vines that have been sprinkled with silver glitter to add sparkle wherever he goes.  He would also be perfect nestled by gift boxes or on a rug at the entry to welcome your Christmas guests.  He can even be used on the front porch, but he must stay dry and out of direct sun.  Anywhere you choose to use it this lovely treasure will complement any Christmas decor and bring a gift of joy to your Holiday season.

To visit him, come to our Scottsdale shop or go to our website.

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